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Design Tools for
Projection Mapping

Lightform is closed

Lightform has discontinued all hardware production runs and is winding down. We will continue to provide cloud services & support through August 2022. Customers should update to the latest software and firmware before this date.

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The first sound-reactive AR projector

A firmware update may be required. Safety firmware recall for some LF2/LF2+ units here.


Designed as an add-on to use with your projector for larger deployments


Free. Was included in all purchases.

Content creation software for Mac & PC.

Add Magic to Your Space

Art & Decor

Create your masterpiece. Bring your sets, illustrations, paintings, or sculptures to life.


Bring theme-park-level magic to your projects.


Make your signage match your brand with projected AR.

Lightform Workflow

Merge the digital & real worlds

1. Scan

Scan your scene using structured light. Lightform scans give a precise alignment between the real & digital worlds.

2. Create

Create content within Lightform Creator using adaptive visuals powered by computer vision.

3. Publish

Upload content to your Lightform device. Interact with content in real-time. No need to leave your laptop at the scene.

Map Crazy Sh*t

Lightform precisely maps complex, organic forms with structured light scans and instant effects.