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Lightform is a VC-backed computer vision and hardware startup. Our mission is to create simple, powerful tools that connect the real and digital worlds. We’re combining years of experience in computer vision, augmented reality, and hardware design to create the world’s first computer for projected AR.

Past work

IllumiRoom — Microsoft Research
Aireal — Disney Research
Box — Bot & Dolly


Previously Disney Imagineering, Microsoft Research and EA. Lead researcher on IllumiRoom and RoomAlive.
Brett Jones
CEO & Founder
Ph.D. in HCI from UIUC. Previously Disney Research, Microsoft Research, and Disney Imagineering. Built experiences like Aireal and RoomAlive.
Raj Sodhi
CSO & Founder
Ph.D. in Computer Vision from UIUC. Previously Adobe and Microsoft Research. Responsible for 3D Photo Magic and many vision and graphics papers.
Kevin Karsch
CTO & Founder
MS from UIUC. Previously HP Labs and Oracle. Pioneer of drinking in mixed reality.
Pulkit Budhiraja
AR Software Engineer
Previously Google, IDEO, Obscura, and Bot & Dolly. Designed lighting and projection software behind Box. Former life as an EDM roadie.
Phil Reyneri
Director Of Marketing
MS in Product Development Engineering from USC. Previously Medtronic and DAQRI. Helped build the DAQRI Smart Helmet and Glasses.
Douglas Rieck
Director of Hardware
Previously Formlabs, Avant, and PlantLink. Author of "Everyone Deserves Great Design" and former life as a social entrepreneur.
Ehsan Noursalehi
Director of Product
Film -> aerospace electronics -> theme park development -> Lightform. Made a touchscreen for airplanes. Worked on some robots. Projected on some things.
Andrew Kilkenny
Embedded Software Engineer
BS in Computer Science from UCLA. Previously developed custom 3D graphics software used by Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Samsung, Sega, Ubisoft, and EA/Bioware. Also created countless desktop, mobile, and web applications.
Derek Nedelman
Senior Software Engineer
Previously Good & Sticky Content and PitchSlap. BA in Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University. Made documentaries and launched Kickstarters.
Laura LaPerche
Content Marketing Manager
MSEE, Ex-Microsoft (Surface Pro 4 and 5) and Qualcomm. RF Engineering Certificate from UCSD.
Jagdeep Singh
Principal Hardware Design Engineer
BFA in Web Design & New Media from AAU. Currently a Lightform Motion Design Intern. Previously designed motion branding and guidelines for Eventbrite.
Ray Chang
Motion Designer Intern
BS in Computer Science from UCSD. Previously a Pixar intern, currently a Lightform intern after a short stint at JPMC. Loves computer graphics, writes shaders, and occasionally hermits in nature.
Brittany Factura
Graphics Software Engineer Intern

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