About Us

Lightform is a San Francisco based VC funded stealth startup. Our mission is to turn every object into an animated display. Our product turns any projector into a 3D scanning, augmented reality projector.


Meet the team

Brett Jones


Worked at Disney Imagineering, Microsoft Research and EA. Created things like IllumiRoom and RoomAlive.

Raj Sodhi


Ph.D. in HCI from UIUC. Worked at Disney Research, Microsoft Research, and Disney Imagineering. Created things like Aireal and RoomAlive.

Kevin Karsch


Ph.D. in Computer Vision from UIUC. Worked at Adobe and Microsoft Research. Created things like 3D Photo Magic, and lots of vision and graphics papers.

Pulkit Budhiraja

AR Software Engineer

MS @ UIUC. Worked at HP and Oracle. Created things like Where’s My Drink.

Phil Reyneri

Creative Director

Worked at Google, IDEO, and Bot & Dolly. Created things like Box and Kinetisphere.

Douglas Rieck

Director of Mechanical Engineering

MS in Product Development Engineering from USC. Worked at Medtronic and DAQRI. Created things like the DAQRI Smart Helmet.

We believe great products are built by great teams.

We’re hiring people like you! We’re looking for amazing software engineers, embedded software engineers, business folk, mechanical engineers, & visual designers. Come work with us!

Current Openings