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Lightform: Technology & Creative Experience
Lightform’s products transform spaces and experiences using projection mapping, adding magical effects & ambient interfaces to real-world environments. As cool as that sounds, what makes Lightform products so special is the team behind the company. Our team is composed of technologists, futurists, scientists, artists, and many others who are designing and creating products that will transform how we interact with the world around us, and how visual artists channel their creativity. Lightform’s creative platform, projected AR equipment combined with Creator software, is opening doors for artists and businesses to produce visually engaging experiences. 

What’s Next
In the future, via this blog, we’ll be writing about the inspirational use of projection mapping and augmented reality projects, case studies, the technology behind our products, and tips & tutorials. We invite you to read our upcoming posts, subscribe to our blog, and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. 

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