Thanks for asking. We’ve compiled a list of questions about Lightform. If you’re still not sure, contact us directly and we’ll do our best to get you an answer ASAP.


LF2 has a minimum focus distance of 1.0m (3.3ft), and the throw ratio is 1.2. As an estimate, in bright ambient light, it can scan scenes up to ~6 feet wide and in a dark room, scenes up to ~12 feet wide.

Currently, LF2 is limited in use as a normal projector with external video input. It does work via an HDMI connection, but features like volume control and input switching are not guaranteed. Please note — there is no keystone correction, so playing video will always result in a regular/rectangular image.


Yes. LFC is a more flexible and faster equivalent to LF1. It has a faster processor, wider projector support & scanning size, and a modular mounting design.

LFC works with projectors that meet the following criteria:

  • HDMI input
  • Throw Ratio: 0.5 – 2.0
  • Any brightness (depending on ambient light)
  • Any lamp type (e.g. LED, Laser, bulb)

LFC outputs a maximum resolution of 1920×1200. Using a projector that is longer than the recommended throw ratio may yield a low-quality scan. If LFC can see the projected image and the projection is in focus, then it can perform a scan. Lookup your projector specs, including throw ratio, here.

LFC will scan any size scene 1ft to infinity. Your projector image must be bright enough for the camera to see, and the projected image must be in focus.


We manufactured & shipped ~2000 LF1s. LF1 is no longer being manufactured. We recommend the new LFC, as a more flexible, faster alternative.

All LF1 customers will receive perpetual Lightform Creator subscription for their LF1 devices.

Yes. LF1 customers will continue to receive Creator updates. However, some new functionality will only be available on LF2/C.

Due to issues with component supply, we could not fulfill some of the LF1 reservations. All LF1 reservation holders get a steep discount on LF2/C, which you should receive via email.

In April 2019, we reached out to outstanding LF1 reservation holders. If you did not receive an update regarding this, please check your email for the subject line “Confirm Lightform Pre-Order” for more information. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]


A perpetual license of Lightform Creator software is included in the price of your LF2/C device.

A perpetual Creator license is included with 1 year of updates and support. During this period you can update to the latest build of Creator. After this period is up, you can continue to use Creator for free, but to use newer features you will need to subscribe to updates.

Coming Soon. Pro subscriptions for remote access to your device from the internet.

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Structured light scanning can scan most non-reflective surfaces. Matte finishes are best. Reflective and transparent surfaces will result in missing scan data. Glass, mirrors, and highly reflective objects will result in scan holes.

Lightform’s structured light scan takes 60-90 seconds to display patterns, triangulate the depth estimate, fill in holes, and send the scan back to your laptop.

Yes! You can control your device playback and adjust live effects by triggering OSC commands from any device or program supporting the OSC protocol. For example, you can play/pause your scene using your mobile phone or connect an audio track to a Live Effect’s parameters using Vezér or Ableton.

Lightform is designed to use structured light scanning so it can work with any projector. The scanning process takes 60 to 90 seconds, and provides a full resolution map of the projector’s pixels. Therefore, Lightform does not support real time tracking.

This feature is on our long-term roadmap. We don’t have a timeline for its release.

You can connect multiple IOT devices to Lightform using OSC. For example, your can connect your voice assistant (Google, Amazon) or any smart sensors.

Lightform Creator works on Mac & PC. See the minimum system requirements here.

You retake a scan and realign your content to the new scan, then deploy. Stay tuned for product updates. 🙂

Lightform Creator & Player work on local networks. However, you will need internet access to initially set up your device and to get access to firmware and software updates.


Lightform is designed for anyone who wants to create a projected AR experience. If you have experience with image or illustration editing software, then you’ll feel comfortable using Creator.

We love that you are interested in helping us create the future of AR! Check out our current job openings here. You can also contact us directly.

If you aren’t receiving Lightform emails, check if you used a different email address when you placed your order. Please also check that your email client is not marking our emails as spam or promotions.

Ordering & Payment

You can place an order directly on our shop website with Visa/Mastercard/Discover card.

Credit cards will be charged within 7 days after ordering.

We do not accept PayPal or other forms of payment.

Our PO minimum is 5 units. If you are interested in placing an order for 5 or more, please contact us. 

Yes — you can order multiple products at the same time, however, they must be shipped to the same address in the same country. To do this, click the link to “continue shopping” after you’ve placed a product in your shopping cart (see screenshot).

To ship products to different addresses/countries, please create a separate order per shipping address.

You can cancel your order anytime before your Lightform ships. You can lookup or make changes to your order here or contact us directly for help.

Feel free to contact us with your order number and how you want your order to change, and we’ll fix that right up for you!

European customers must pay VAT. If you qualify for an exception, your VAT number must still be provided when the order is placed. We will verify all VAT numbers through the European Commission VIES service, prior to Lightform removing VAT charges from your order. If your VAT number is valid, we will refund the taxes on your credit card. If we are unable to verify VAT through this process, we are unable to remove the tax on our end.

We must pay for VAT when the package enters through European customs. VAT numbers need to be provided before the order is shipped, so that we can mark it on the international shipping documents for the customs authorities. If after this time, your VAT number is valid, we will refund the taxes on your credit card prior to your order shipping.

You will receive an emailed copy of your receipt at the time of purchase. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Lightform is only available on Lightform.com. For distribution inquiries, contact us directly.

Lightform products are designed in San Francisco, USA and manufactured in Shenzhen, China. Due to the recent tariffs, there are fees on most goods shipped to the USA from China (where 90% of computers are made). Since this only affects our USA orders, we are including the tariff in the USA pricing. We’ve only included the direct cost of the tariff without any markup. If you want to discuss, feel free to contact support, or your congressional representatives.

We don’t offer academic or non-profit discounts at this time. We do occasionally offer loaner units if you are running a class or workshop using Lightform for the duration of the lesson. To request a loaner unit for a class/workshop, contact us. Note: availability is limited.


Shipping times vary and are included on the website when you purchase, and on your receipt.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to expedite orders. Lightform devices are shipped to order and we cannot guarantee you’ll get your device(s) for a specific date.

Please contact our support team with your order number and new address and they will help to process the change. We can only make changes to your shipping address if the new address is in the same country. We can make this change prior to your order being shipped.

Please note — If you need to change the country that your order is shipping to, you will need to cancel your current order and place a new one.

LFC and LF2 ship to the United States, Canada, all 28 countries in the EU, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Norway, and Australia.

Shipping costs are calculated during checkout based on the country & the weight of the items in your cart.

Warranty, Repairs & Support

Lightform has a 30 day return policy. You can return your order for a full refund minus initial shipping costs. Please contact us directly to get this process started. Once we receive your equipment, please allow up to two weeks for us to process the return (3-5 business days to process the return and 3-5 business days for you to see the refund in your account depending on your bank).

LF2 & LFC Kit come with a 1-year warranty. The LF1 Kit projector is covered under Epson’s manufacture warranty. Read more about this here.

Contact us directly and we’ll help you with your return.

We support our users from all countries we ship to. Unfortunately, due to local regulation and network specificities, we can’t guarantee the Lightform solution will be fully functional outside of supported countries.