Content creation software powered by computer vision hardware.

Powered by computer vision.

Powered by computer vision 

Lightform makes it easy for anyone to create epic visuals for projected AR

Lightform Workflow Overview (44 sec)

1. Structured Light Scanning

To scan a scene, the LF1 sends patterns to the projector over HDMI that the 4K camera simultaneously captures. These patterns display for ~30 seconds and generate the Depth Estimate Map.

Lightform Depth Estimate Map

2. Depth Estimate Map

Lightform automatically calibrates for the lens of the projector, generates a projector resolution depth estimate map, fills in holes, and wirelessly transfers the data back to your laptop in ~1 minute.

3. Instant AR Effects

Lightform Creator, the LF1 companion software, generates instant interactive effects that use the scan data and can be applied instantly with a single click of a button for stunning results.


Lightform LF1

Compact wireless computer and camera system


Wave 1 shipped. Sold out.


A machine built for projected AR

Smart Scan

The 4K camera powers Smart Scan, which makes content creation quick and easy.

Effects & Video Playback

The Quad-Core A9 processor plays the interactive effects and videos. 

Wireless Control

Create and publish content without long HDMI cables or extenders

Installation Grade Hardware

No fans, no Windows updates, designed for permanent installs

Reliable Media Storage

SD cards fail. LF1 has 20 Gb of on-board eMMC storage.

Ethernet Networking

For mission-critical installs, connect reliably via LAN.

Universal Mounting

Quickly mount onto any projector with our custom adhesive mount or the optional 1/4"-20 adapter

Remote Projector Control

Turn your projector on and off from anywhere with an optional IR transmitter cable accessory. (Epson 1060 supported). 

LF1 works with most projectors

Our Structured Light scanning technique makes the LF1 compatibile with almost any projector.

Support For:
  • 1920x1200 maximum resolution
  • Throw Ratio: 0.85 — 1.8
  • Any brightness
  • Any distance > 3 ft

Lightform Creator

Content creation software powered by computer vision.

Create epic content on Mac & PC

Familiar Interface

A world-class and easy to understand user interface

Depth Selection

Easily mask objects with depth-enhanced tools

Instant AR Effects

Depth-aware effects automatically adapt to your scene

Endless Content

Hundreds of stock videos and intelligent effects

Instant Mapping

No need to map content when you use a Smart Scan

Powerful Masking

State of the art vector and raster masking tools

Content Import

Import any of your own images, videos, or animations

Customizable Sequences

Build out an entirely custom sequences and transitions

Connect & Control Lightform

Lightform’s Interactive Effects can be controlled in real time using OSC, great for adding external sensors or interactivity to your projects.

Lightform Creator Pro

Coming Soon...

Software with advanced features designed for professionals.

Upgrade anytime, no hardware change required.

LF1 Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with projected AR 


Wave 1 shipped. Sold out.

LF1 Starter Kit

What's Included

Epson 1060 Projector

Full HD 1080p resolution, bright 3100 lumens, 3LCD colors and zoomable 1.02 — 1.23 throw ratio


Robust 15 lbs capacity, variable height 25"-64", perfect for fast prototyping without setting up truss

IR Cable & Extension Cord

IR cable for remote projector control and extension power cord

Universal Mounting Plate

Mount your projector to any tripod or Avenger lighting mount for permanent and temporary installations


Compact wireless computer and camera system

Lightform Creator

Content creation software powered by computer vision.

Live Demo


"Projection mapping is one of the coolest visual technologies that so far has been out of reach for consumers. Lightform is hoping to change that with its projector-mounted scanner and software. We get our hands on the Lightform device to see how it maps objects and environments..."

Lightform Final Hardware

Wave 1 Shipped

This isn't vaporware

1500 units shipped. Stay tuned for updates.

Sold Out

New products launching soon.
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Lightform LF1


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