Projected AR Mural @ Lightform HQ

Lightform teamed up with Gemma O’Brien and Craig Winslow to create a projected AR mural for Lightform HQ. By combining pixels and paint, we created a whole new kind of experiential art with projected AR.

Gemma O’Brien (@mrseaves101) is an illustrator, artist, and typographer who is well known for her large-scale, hand-painted murals. 

Projected AR Mural @ Lightform HQ

Craig Winslow (@craigwinslow) is an experiential designer and projection mapping pro. His past projects involve bringing faded city signage and broken neon lights back to life using projection.

Projected AR Mural @ Lightform HQ

We’re big fans of their work and we wanted to get their feedback on Lightform. (We also just wanted a really cool mural for our office.) 

Opening Up a New Medium

We created Lightform in order to enable more artists and designers to use the projected AR medium. Lightform allows artists like Gemma to add moving visuals to their work without needing motion graphic skills and allows artists like Craig to spend more time creating and less time mapping.  

Projected AR Mural @ Lightform HQ


Epson L1500U or Epson G7500U

Lightform Creator, Adobe After Effects

Gemma O'Brien, Craig Winslow, Ray Chang

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