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2020 Retrospective: Inspiring Lightform Customer Examples

2020 Lightform Customer Examples

As we close out 2020, we thought it would be nice to reflect on creative and inspiring projects created with Lightform LFC Kits and LF2 AR projectors. In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and rounded out with social protests to murder hornets, we’ve taken solace in the creativity of the Lightform community. We have curated some noteworthy Lightform customer examples and collaborations that came to fruition this past year. Enjoy!

1. Night Bloom at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

At the beginning of the year, we teamed up with the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers to projection map a plant-immersive light show for their winter event, Night Bloom. From various tropical plants to floating pond grasses, Night Bloom was the perfect plant mapping installation to put the Lightform LFC Kit to the test. After augmenting complex organic textures and creating an ambient, environmental projection mapping show, the exhibit proved to be a success. Read more about the event in our blog and find behind-the-scenes details to our Night Bloom installation.

2. A Disney Castle Light Show

As COVID-19 began to restructure our daily routines in early spring, visual artists like Matt Maldonado used his art to inspire entertainment lovers and Disney fans who remained at home during the quarantine. In reminisce of Disney theme parks, Maldonado designed a timeless rendition of Disney favorites through a light show projected onto his handmade, 3D miniature model of the Disney castle. Inspired to keep the Disney magic alive and captivate audiences at home, Maldonado states, “I wanted to create this show for the Disney fans that are not only missing the parks but the magic as well.” In a creative array of classic Disney visuals, Maldonado used the Lightform LFC Kit to cast well-loved characters and Disney clips onto the front of the castle. Spectators of his project are transported to the Haunted Mansion’s eerie halls, launched through a laser-filled Star Wars space battle, and guided into Neverland with Peter Pan and friends as they fly across the castle wall – all while fireworks fill the castle’s night sky backdrop.

3. Social Movement Projections

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this year, Lightform power-user Ryan McCoy used his LFC Kit to display a progressive social movement projection onto the side of a multi-story building in St. Louis. “I wanted to show my support for the BLM movement and decided to project from a downtown rooftop over to a neighboring building,” says Ryan McCoy in one of our interviews. You can view more of his large-scale work on Facebook.

4. Lightform in Wonderland

In a playful, fantasy-inspired projection mapping project, Playable Agency used Lightform in an interactive, Alice in Wonderland installation. The Wonderland art show featured a mad tea party accompanied by the Cheshire Cat, a flower garden archway and a magical “Drink Me” potion. See more experiences created by Playable Agency on their web site.

5. ‘New Thought / No Thought’ Short Film

Kira Bursky (@allaroundartsy) is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker. This spring, Kira participated in the Stuck At Home 48 Hour Film Project, using the LFC Kit to scan her drawings and design the projections featured in her short film. She utilized Lightform Creator’s built-in effects and textures and sourced additional royalty-free animations and clips. In her blog post discussing her filmmaking experience, Kira shares, “I was inspired to tell the story of my mental health journey. Through meditation, I have experienced a shift in my perception of reality. I have pushed beyond what I had once perceived as the extent of reality. It is quite difficult to describe this experience with words, but it is beautiful and life-giving. This film is my attempt to portray that experience.” Read her full story on how to make a short film with Lightform’s projection mapping.

6. L‘esperance’s Lighting Design for an Outdoor Event

Daelen Cory, the creator behind the award-winning design service L’Esperance Designs, has a rich portfolio of historic restorations to futuristic designs. Daelen uses the Lightform LFC Kit to projection map the interior and exterior of his clients’ homes. He created an immersive experience with six LFC Kit devices paired with Panasonic PT-VZ580 series projectors in this project. Daelen and his team transformed the exterior of his client’s property in LA into a mystical wonderland full of color and light. A great example of how the LFC Kit can take lighting design for landscaped outdoor events to the next level. See more of his work on Instagram.

7. Jennifer Deann Scott’s Violin Cover of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

During the summer, ARWorks Motion Picture Company produced a music video featuring Jennifer Deann Scott in a cover of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails. ARWorks used the LFC Kit with an Epson 1450 projector to projection map the planets and create effects on their surfaces. The LFC was also used for background shots, the water scene in the video, and Jennifer’s live performances. “This was shot over two days in a garage in 95-degree heat here in Denver this past July… All the music was produced by Jennifer from the ground up,” says the producer, Erik Schreiber.

8. “Positive Projections” in Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s city murals came to life this summer with Adam St. John’s portable tricycle setup. Paired with Lightform, Adam’s renegade project consisted of projection mapping various murals throughout Sydney’s inner-west neighborhood. His project, “Positive Projections,” was an effort to highlight local artists’ work to help them paint, animate, and develop newly designed artworks in the city. Discover more of Adam’s work on his YouTube channel.

9. A Thriller Halloween

Jérémy Carre Cube is a video mapper and light programmer from the Alsace region in France. This Halloween, Jérémy used his LFC Kit to projection map a band of jack-o-lanterns singing to Michael Jackson’s notorious track, Thriller. His projection mapped jack-o-lanterns are hosted on a haystack stage with a spooky forest backdrop, with digital fire effects cast onto real firewood as a part of his Halloween show.

10. A Bioluminescent Light Show in Kahika’s Music Video, Mutual Gathering

This November, Lightform’s projection mapping lit up New Zealand’s wildlife in Kahika’s music video, “Mutual Gathering.” Paired with various aerial shots of Aotearoa, Lightform’s digital effects were used to light up the New Zealand forests, depicting artificial bioluminescence. “Mutual Gathering” is a song about people enjoying and respecting nature. The music video explores the Māori concept of “mana,” a life-force energy that permeates the universe, which is visualized as bioluminescence upon flora & fauna. “These organic forms were filmed real-time, with glowing visuals made possible with a projector, an outdoor generator, and Lightform,” shared Jonathan Hislop, a member of the Kahika trio. Find more of Kahika’s music on Spotify

11. Wall Art Projections

DIY expert Chip Wade from Fox and Friends used his LF2 to demonstrate how to decorate wall art for the holidays without the hassle of hanging lights. Using his LF2, Chip projected his digital projections onto his custom-made, wood, cutout art piece in his house to bring his wall art to life.

12. Christmas Village Diorama

This holiday season, many users in the Lightform community utilized their Lightform to transform ordinary holiday decor into projection mapping light shows. Chris Sardinas used his LFC Kit to light up his Christmas Village diorama, bringing his miniature cafe, fire station, and neighborhood bicycle shop to life.

We’re Eager to See What You Create in 2021

We have seen a flux of creativity and imagination from Lightform users this year, and these are just a few among many remarkable projection mapping projects. From retail display to music videos, Lightform users have found innovative uses for their devices to spur anything from business opportunities to artistry. We hope the content you see from others in the Lightform community inspires you to keep creating and innovating with your Lightform devices.

As always, we want to keep up with your new Lightform creations throughout the upcoming year. Share your projection mapping projects with us by tagging #lightformcreations in your social posts so we can feature your content and continue spreading the projection mapping magic throughout 2021.


As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business and is no longer providing technical support for the product. Please refer to the Lightform Guide and FAQ for self-help resources.