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Design Tools for
Projection Mapping

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The first sound-reactive AR projector

A firmware update may be required. Safety firmware recall for some LF2/LF2+ units here.


Go big with your own projector


Free. Included.

Content creation software for Mac & PC.
Perpetual license included.

Add Magic to Your Space

Art & Decor

Create your masterpiece. Bring your sets, illustrations, paintings, or sculptures to life.


Bring theme-park level magic to your next project. Guests will share the experience in-person and on social media.


Signage should look like art, not like a TV at a sports bar. Make your signage match your brand with projected AR.

Lightform Workflow

Merge the digital & real worlds

1. Scan

Scan your scene using structured light. Lightform scans give a precise alignment between the real & digital worlds.

2. Create

Create content with adaptive visuals powered by computer vision using the Lightform Creator software.

3. Deploy

Upload content to your Lightform device. Interact with content in real-time. No need to leave your laptop at the scene.

Map Crazy Sh*t

Break free from simple polygons and take your immersive designs to the next level. Precisely map complex, organic forms with structured light scan and instant effects.

Press for Lightform LF1


"Lightform takes the difficulty out of projection mapping. I felt like a pro from the start and it quickly allows me to see my work in a new light. It was a hit at my show."


"Lightform has been such an incredible tool for me as a visual artist. It provides an amazing bridge between the digital and real world. It has enabled me to effortlessly breathe life into my paintings through light, color and movement."

Megan Farrabee Profile Picture

“As an artist, Lightform is my bridge between imagination and reality. It pushes my paintings, sculptures, and installations into another dimension.”

Projection Artist (LFC Beta)
David Phan

"The technology and the sheer accuracy that Lightform brought to our simple wall and photo campaign images are just mind blowing!"

Project Manager, Shoe Palace

"The response I have received while using the LF1 is incredible. It allows artists and fans to see familiar work in a completely new way."

Studio Manager

"Lightform puts this technology in the hands of every designer, not just projection mapping experts."


"Lightform is the next big step forward for making mapping more accessible."

Experiential Designer