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Content Creation Powered by Computer Vision

Creator 2021

new features and improvements:

  • A new user interface streamlines the projection mapping workflows & pairing process.
  • Sound reactive effects provide an added creative dimension to projection mapping projects.
  • Scan algorithms have been improved to provide more accurate results, faster scanning, greater post-processing control, and better response in darker lighting conditions.
  • Pixel-based masking tools (Magic Wand, Magic Brush & Brush) have been enhanced to more optimally apply a mask
Lightform Creator software enables you to realize your creative vision to produce eye-catching and immersive experiences using projection mapping with audio-reactive effects.​

Scan Based Smart Selection

Lightform’s structured light technology creates a “smart scan,” creating an image of a scene as if taken from the projector’s point-of-view. Creator’s raster selection tools (Magic Wand and Magic Brush) enable selections to be made intuitively within the smart scan.

Audio Reactivity

Make synchronized audiovisual projections by applying reactive filters to your projects. Your Lightform device can capture sound from its surroundings and utilize it to create projection mapped visualizations in real-time.

Built-In Effects

Many of Lightform Creator’s built-in effects utilize the colors, shapes, and depth in your scene, allowing for compelling projections that automatically adapt to the objects you are mapping.

Conventional Mapping Tools

Create and transform shapes, perspective warp, edit your masks with real-time feedback, apply blend modes, and all the regular tools you’d expect from a projection mapping software. Lightform Creator makes modifying masks and adding content a breeze.

Creator Minimum Requirements

MacOS 10.13+

Windows 10

64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor*
Most GPUs supporting OpenGL 4.1+
8 GB of RAM minimum (16 GB+ recommended)
Disk Space
1 GB of free disk space for install
*Lightform Creator is a processor intensive software similar to a video game. While Lightform Creator may run with these minimum requirements, modern computers suitable for media and graphics are recommended.


Free. Included with LF2+ & LFC.

Content creation software for Mac & PC.

Perpetual license included with device purchase.