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Content Creation Powered by Computer Vision


Depth-Based, Smart Selection

Lightform’s structured light scan contains a depth estimate map that makes Creator’s raster selection tools (magic wand and quick select) even smarter.

Conventional Mapping Tools

Import video, corner-pin, mesh warp, and all the regular tools you’d expect from a projection mapping software. 

Lightform Creator’s “Structure” engine makes warping your existing assets a breeze.

Raster Selection, Vector Surfaces

Lightform’s unique approach to selection and surface creation utilizes familiar raster (pixel) tools but converts them into usable paths. You can interactively control the accuracy of path creation, and manipulate the points afterwards for further customization.

It’s the truly best of both worlds!

Depth-Based Effects

Many of Lightform Creator’s effects utilize the depth estimate map, allowing for compelling 3D illusions such as moving virtual lights and shadows.

Import Your Own Assets

Import your own images and videos, or use our library of built-in effects. Lightform Creator’s “Structure” engine makes warping your existing assets a breeze.

Creator Minimum Requirements

MacOS 10.13+

Windows 10

64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor*
Most GPUs supporting OpenGL 4.1+
8 GB of RAM minimum (16 GB+ recommended)
Disk Space
1 GB of free disk space for install
*Lightform Creator is a processor intensive software similar to a video game. While Lightform Creator may run with these minimum requirements, modern computers suitable for media and graphics are recommended.


Free. Included with LF2/C.

Content creation software for Mac & PC.

Perpetual license included with device purchase, includes 12 months of updates & support.