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Design Tools for
Projection Mapping

Lightform is closed

As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform has discontinued all hardware production runs and is no longer in business. Customers should update to the last software and firmware versions. Please refer to the Lightform Guide & FAQ for commonly asked questions and self-help resources.

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The first sound-reactive AR projector

A firmware update may be required. Safety firmware recall for some LF2/LF2+ units here.


Designed as an add-on to use with your projector for larger deployments


Free. Was included in all purchases.

Content creation software for Mac & PC.

Add Magic to Your Space

Art & Decor

Create your masterpiece. Bring your sets, illustrations, paintings, or sculptures to life.


Bring theme-park-level magic to your projects.


Make your signage match your brand with projected AR.

Lightform Workflow

Merge the digital & real worlds

1. Scan

Scan your scene using structured light. Lightform scans give a precise alignment between the real & digital worlds.

2. Create

Create content within Lightform Creator using adaptive visuals powered by computer vision.

3. Publish

Upload content to your Lightform device. Interact with content in real-time. No need to leave your laptop at the scene.

Map Crazy Sh*t

Lightform precisely maps complex, organic forms with structured light scans and instant effects.