Create AR(t) with Lightform

Gabriel Schama is an Oakland, California based artist who makes intricate sculptures by layering laser-cut wooden panels. We partnered Gabriel with one of Lightform’s motion designers, Ray Chang, to add equally intricate projected AR designs to one of Gabriel’s latest pieces titled Pachamama. Lightform makes it easy to augment physical artworks like reliefs, sculptures, and paintings and with digital, AR content.

For this collaboration, Ray used Lightform’s After Effects plugin to stream a live preview of his animations to the LFC. This allowed Ray to see a real world preview of his After Effects composition projected on the sculpture as he was animating it. Live streaming from After Effects lets you see what your content looks like in the real world, allowing you to see how light reacts to objects in your scene as your are creating. Read more about how to use After Effects with Lightform creator on our guide here.

Lightform’s Smart Scan served as the background template which allowed Ray to easily author content, instead of having to animate on a black screen or manually warp a photo he took on another device.



Viewsonic Pro8520HD

Lightform Creator, After Effects


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