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Project LFX

Steerable projected interfaces

Project LFX is a research platform for steerable projected interfaces. Project LFX shows a future where digital experiences are shared, seamless, and a little more magical.

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One idea, many designs

There are many ways to steer light through a combination of motors and mirrors. 

How it works

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The future of home

While exploring the design space, we developed these key principles for the future of home computing.
  • Life should be magical
  • Shared is better
  • Ambient interfaces are calm
  • Must be instant & ubiquitous
  • Interaction works best at a distance
  • High contrast content works anywhere 

The evolution of light

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Get updates on the development of LFX

Project LFX

Have an application for LFX in your home or business? Contact us at [email protected].

Interested in writing about Project LFX? See the press release.