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Disney Rise of Skywalker Movie Theater Experience

10 Projected AR Examples By Lightform Customers

At Lightform, we strive to simplify the process of creating epic visuals with light. Our customers cover a broad spectrum of professions (artists, makers, business owners, engineers, educators, etc.), and we enjoy seeing what they create with Lightform projected augmented reality (AR). Below is a showcase of 10 creative uses of Lightform by our customers. It should be noted that selecting these projects wasn’t easy, as there are so many
Lightform OSC Interactivity: How To Use Open Sound Control​ With Lightform

Lightform OSC Interactivity: How To Use Open Sound Control With Lightform

Lightform OSC Interactivity The possibilities of what you can do with your Lightform are infinite when you add interactivity into your projects with Open Sound Control (OSC). Lightform devices can
Lightform Projected AR – Photo Booth

Top 5 Things To Know About Lightform Projected AR

Lightform Projected AR Augmented reality (AR) has been widely touted with various technologies and product types, from apps to wearables. Lightform’s philosophy with augmented reality is to forego the need
History of Projection – Theatreoptique

The History of Projection Technology

As with all technologies, the history of projection is the story of the culmination of many individual advancements in the arts and sciences. From the earliest shadow plays on the
BTS – Joshua Tree Lightform projection mapping installation

Behind the Scenes: Light in the Desert

Editors Note: One of the more eye-catching sequences created by the Lightform team that we’ve shared in our social posts and advertising was created thanks to the technical know-how and
Projection Mapping Fireworks with Lightform Creator

Projection Mapping Fireworks with Lightform

Every year, Independence Day fireworks displays are cancelled due to rain, drought, and the occasional pandemic, but projection mapping fireworks can liberate your spectacle from those constraints. Perhaps the neighborhood
Lightform Guide – Getting a Good Scan

Popular Lightform Guide Entries

The Lightform Guide is where we document everything related to our products, such as manuals, tutorials, and examples. The Lightform Guide is quite extensive, but we’ve found some articles are