Renegade projected AR

We took Lightform’s renegade projection bike out for a spin to augment a HYBYCOZO sculpture at Patricia’s Green Park in San Francisco.

One of our favorite things to do at Lightform is to take our renegade projection bike out for a ride and create projected AR public art. We love the idea of rolling up to a sculpture, a mural, or park and temporarily transforming a public space into something new and magical.

Lightform Renegade Projector Bike

Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu, the artists who created the HYBYCOZO series, were hosting a party to celebrate the end of the sculpture’s exhibit in the public park. Serge and Yelena’s work is inspired by the intersection of math, science, technology, geometry, material, and light. A driving force behind their work is the desire to inspire others to make more public art.

“That’s the hope that we have for creating public art, to inspire people do the same, to do whatever their art is.”
-Yelena Filipchu

We hope Lightform inspires people to create more augmented reality public art!

The Process

The Lightform workflow makes renegade projection easier than it’s ever been. You can roll up to any scene, scan it, and instantly start augmenting the scene with digital content.

We’re working on a ‘How to Build a Renegade Projection Bike’ tutorial (subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we post it). But, you don’t need a projection bike to make public AR art. Power your projector using a generator or portable battery (like this Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station).

Lightform Renegade Projector Bike

We chose the Epson PowerLite PRO G7905U for our project but you could also use a projector like the Epson HC1450. Mount the projector on a bike, tripod or c-stand.

Renegade Projected Public Art with HYBYCOZO and Lightform

Lightform scans the scene and gives you a Smart Scan – a pixel by pixel map of what the projector sees.

Lightform Creator

Then, you’re ready to to start creating!

Lightform Creator


Epson PowerLite PRO G7905U or Epson HC1450

Adobe After Effects

LF1, (LFC Compatible)

Phil Reyneri, Ray Chang, Yelena Filipchuk, Serge Beaulieu

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