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Creator Free with LF2/C – No subscription needed

Lightform Creator is now free forever with your LF2/C device purchase.

We launched our new hardware products with a required subscription for Lightform Creator. We’ve had $700K in sales since Monday 🙂, but we also talked with some customers who said the required subscription was too expensive for them to get started with projected AR.

We heard you. As artists & makers ourselves, we want Lightform to be accessible to the widest audience possible. To better serve both our independent & professional customers, we’ve modified our pricing. A perpetual license to Creator is now included in all LF2/C purchases. As originally planned, next year we will introduce Lightform Pro subscriptions geared towards professional users, which will include advanced content creation features and remote access to your device over the internet. This enables everyone to get started with projected AR, and then opt-in to more advanced features.

Get yours today, and join the Lightform community of artists, makers, & designers. 


CEO & Co-Founder @ Lightform