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Halloween Projection Mapping Examples by Lightform Users

Halloween projection mapping on a house using the LFC Kit with the Optoma W460ST Projector.
As people are ramping up creative decorating for the Halloween season, users from the Lightform community have utilized the LFC Kit for Halloween projection mapping projects. Indoor and outdoor scenes are being taken to the next level as part of neighborhood and office competitions. From entertaining little ones next door to hosting socially distanced holiday gatherings, find inspiration for your next Halloween lighting project from Lightform users using projection mapping to transform interior and exterior spaces into Halloween spectaculars.

Halloween Projection Mapping On A House

House mapping has proven to be a popular approach to decorating for the holidays. Projection mapping is a fun and fresh way to light up an entire outdoor region with Halloween scenes. Daniel Ioannou’s example of house projection mapping includes both his house and lawn to overlay his Halloween story.

Dans Haunted House by Daniel Ioannou.

Garage Mapping

Garages alone are a great projection mapping canvas for Halloween scenes. Visuals of fiery ghouls and skulls are accompanied by haunting music in this piece by Mark Hallett, who used his outdoor garage for projection mapping.

“I plan to incorporate Lightform…into a Pyromusical & Lightshow in the near future. I have been in the projection mapping world for a while now and can say [that] Lightform saves so much work, allowing more time for creativity. I love it!!” — Mark Hallett

Halloween section of Mark Hallett’s garage projection using Lightform.

DIY Halloween Props for Projecting

The use of smaller, handmade Halloween props and objects to display projections has proven quite popular. Mark Hallett’s project used scrap pieces of styrofoam to create his own haunted house-style window. In contrast, Julian Dorrell utilized a mannequin for his projection mapping project.
Haunted House Window by Mark Hallett
Mannequin by Julian Dorrell

Haunted House Interiors

Reminiscent of Disneyland’s Haunted mansion, Chris Sardinas’ Halloween scene leverages household furniture and Halloween props to design a haunted house with his LFC Kit. The scene includes a talking magic crystal ball, a shattering picture frame, and a monster grandfather clock. This scene exemplifies Halloween projection mapping magic.

“It’s a great product, been looking for something like this for a few years. In a couple more years everyone is gonna start having these things.” — Chris Sardinas

"Spooky Town" Diorama

Ryan Tuttle, used smaller scale Halloween props for a full-table diorama in his project called, “Spooky Town.” This year, he decided to add a little light to his town using a Lightform’s LFC Kit.
“Spooky Town” by Ryan Tuttle
Halloween projection mapping has transformed holiday lighting and decor, and it’s inspiring that Lightform LFC Kit has become part of this trend. The LFC has proven to be a critical part of our customer’s creative tool kit ideal for projects ranging from  full-house projections to intricate indoor displays. For more Halloween inspiration and other holiday-centered projection mapping ideas, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter. If you create a Halloween projection mapping installation share it with us in the comments.


As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business and is no longer providing technical support for the product. Please refer to the Lightform Guide and FAQ for self-help resources.