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An Introduction to Lightform Labs

Lightform Labs

What is Lightform Labs?

Lightform Labs is an extension of Lightform Creator that includes beta, and experimental features. As our team develops new features and functionality, we make some of them available without support as they’re being developed or tested. Lightform Labs has always been a part of Lightform Creator and many features that are now core elements of Lightform Creator started off as Labs only features such as blend modes and asset transform properties. While features in Lightform Labs are unsupported, we welcome bug reports and feedback, to help us continue to build the best software for projection mapping.


How to Access Lightform Labs

To enable Lightform Labs within Lightform Creator, click Help > Enable Labs. When Labs is enabled you will see the icon in the top-right corner of Creator.

What You Can Do in Lightform Labs

Once Lightform Labs is enabled, new controls and settings will be revealed in different parts of Lightform Creator. On a high level, this includes changes to the following areas of Lightform Creator:

  • Labs Menu
  • Control Page
  • Asset Properties
  • Surface Properties

Some of the Labs features allow for advanced capabilities such as making effects reactive to sound over Open Sound Control (OSC). We have also documented the full list of features with descriptions on the Lightform Guide.


Lightform Labs & You

Lightform Labs is a great resource for Lightform users to experiment and take projects to the next level. If you have feedback about Lightform Labs features contact us (include link). We’re eager to see how you use Lightform labs in your projects and invite you to share your projects in the comments section below.


As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business. The final release of Lightform Creator removes functionality that relies on Lightform Cloud (beta), including the ability to log in to Lightform Creator, search the Stock Asset catalog for new assets, and use IFTTT. Read more about the Lightform sunset announcement here.