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Lightform Shipping Update

Thanks for reserving Lightform! We’re so excited to see what you make with it! We have started shipping the first Lightform orders and we want to give you an update on our progress and our new shipping timeline.

TLDR: We will be staggering our LF1 shipment schedule in order to improve connectivity issues and fix a few bugs. This will result in a much better user experience and will make Lightform more reliable. We will not charge your card until your Lightform ships.

The Good News

We’ve been working with over 100 beta customers to refine the Lightform software and have made a ton of progress. We are super excited to share this updated software demo with you! We’ve got better warping, masking, and selection tools, plus a bunch of awesome effects. Check it out!

The Details

We initially planned to start shipping the bulk of Lightform Wave 1 orders in November. However, we have discovered a few software bugs and connectivity issues that we are working on improving (details below). We want your first experience with Lightform to be amazing and we don’t want anything to come between you and the awesome projects you want to create. So, we have decided to start with only shipping a few hundred LF1 Kits this November. We will verify that our improvements are working and then ship out larger and larger batches as these issues are further improved. We are a small team working around the clock and we want to be sure we can adequately solve these issues as efficiently as possible. Like many of you, we have been burned by Kickstarters and pre-orders before – that’s why we have decided not to charge anyone until their Lightform ships. In the meantime, we will keep this page updated with any new developments surrounding shipping.

New Timeline

  • LF1 Kit Orders will be shipping out from November through December.
  • Wave 1 LF1 Orders will begin shipping on a rolling basis from January through February, in the order that they were placed.
  • Wave 2 LF1 Orders will begin shipping on a rolling basis in spring/summer 2019.

What we’re working on

Improving LF1 Connectivity Experience

In some situations, LF1 encounters issues connecting to certain wifi networks. We are working hard on new firmware to improve connectivity for a variety of different wireless networks and projectors.

Lightform Creator Software Bug Fixing

We will be continuously improving Lightform Creator and squishing pesky bugs. Right now we’re focusing on optimizing the speed and performance of Lightform Creator as a whole. For example, Lightform Creator’s quick selection tools can cause the software to slow down significantly, we’re working to fix that.

How does this impact you specifically?

If your ordered an LF1 Kit…

Your shipping date range is Nov 15 – Dec 31. You will receive an email within the next few weeks to confirm your shipping and billing information. Then, we will charge your card and ship out your Lightform!

If you ordered a standalone LF1 in Wave 1…

Your shipping date range is Jan – Feb 2019. Before your Lightform ships you will receive an email to confirm your shipping and billing information. Then, we will charge your card and ship out your Lightform! In the meantime, we will keep you updated on our progress via emails. We know shipping delays are annoying and we are working very hard to get your Lightform to you ASAP!

If you ordered a standalone LF1 in Wave 2…

Your shipping date range is Spring/Summer 2019. We will send you a more detailed shipping window as we get closer to Spring. Before your Lightform ships you will receive an email to confirm your shipping and billing information.


Why are you shipping LF1 Kits First?

We are shipping out all LF1 Kits first because it will allows us to troubleshoot and resolve problems faster. We are a small team that is simultaneously fixing bugs and providing customer support. By eliminating the projector variable, we will have more time to focus on fixing the issues for all of our customers. Don’t worry – LF1 works well with most mainstream projectors. We have shipped out several standalone LF1’s to our beta users and we have tested a number of projectors across all the main projector brands, and are continuing to test additional projectors this month.

I was planning on using Lightform for an upcoming project, now my plan is ruined!

We completely understand your frustration, and we are sorry. We thought a lot about projects like yours when we were debating whether to stagger our shipping batches. Part of our decision to delay shipping until we fix these performance issues was to ensure Lightform is reliable, so users like you can depend on Lightform for projects. We don’t want you to run into bugs that derail your project. We’ll be sending out more shipping and product updates to help you anticipate when you’ll get your Lightform and what exactly you’ll be able to do with it.

I would have ordered a Kit if I knew it was shipping first! Can I swap my standalone LF1 for a Kit?

Unfortunately, we are completely sold out of LF1 Kits and cannot swap orders.

Still have more questions?

Send us an email at [email protected]!

-The Lightform Team