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LF1 Wave 2 Update

April 11, 2019

We wanted to share with you an important update regarding wave 2 shipments. Since we launched, we’ve shipped the first wave of 1,500 units to seven countries, we’ve watched the Lightform community grow to create some truly amazing experiences, and we’ve shipped 10 release updates to Lightform Creator.

The good news: we have 600 LF1 units ready to ship out immediately.

The bad news: unfortunately, the WiFi module for the LF1 was abruptly discontinued by the manufacturer despite an originally estimated lifespan until 2028. As there is no suitable drop-in replacement for the WiFi module, we will need to change the processing architecture and re-certify the device (CE & FCC). These changes would push out LF1 production and deliveries beyond November 2019. We don’t think that is acceptable and we want to get your hands on Lightform sooner. Thus, we’ve made the hard decision to discontinue manufacturing LF1 in it’s current form.

Luckily, we’ve been working on LF2, the next generation of Lightform. For LF2, we are working with projector manufacturers to bring you a beautiful, all-in-one solution for projected AR that integrates the camera and computer directly into the projector. For those of you that would still like to use your own projector with Lightform, we will offer an alternative solution that pairs an off-the-shelf camera with computer hardware to replicate the LF1 + Lightform Creator experience.

This next generation of Lightform products will launch later this year and will enable us to produce a much higher volume of shipments on a quicker timeline so you can play with Lightform sooner and scale your projects as fast as you can dream them up. The next generation of Lightform will be built upon Creator and we will continue to support existing LF1s.

The details:

As we won’t be making additional LF1s, if you had a reservation in wave 2, we are asking you to confirm if you want your LF1 now or if you want to wait for LF2 later this year.

  • If you want LF1 now, we will ship the first 600 orders in the order that reservations were received.
  • If you decide to wait for LF2, you will be first in line to buy and we will offer you a heavy discount. 

If you had a reservation in wave 2, we sent you an email to select your choice. We need confirmations by Thursday, April 18th so we can start to ship out the remaining units. If we haven’t heard from you by then, you will be placed on the waitlist for an LF2.  

We deeply apologize to those that will have to wait for LF2. We are doing everything we can to expedite the next generation of Lightform and we are looking forward to being able to finally scale production to meet demand.

~Brett Jones
CEO @ Lightform

Note: your credit card has not been charged.