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Next Gen Sneak Peek 👀

(Only shared with existing customers)

Later this year, we will be shipping the next generation of Lightform. These new products are designed for high volume manufacturing, and when they launch later this year, they will be in-stock and available to purchase for immediate shipping. We are excited to share a sneak peek of what’s next:

  • Lightform Compute (LFC) provides equivalent functionality to LF1. LFC is a bundled computer, camera, and mount for use with any projector.
  • LF2 is a sleek, all-in-one AR projector.
  • LF1 is no longer for sale, but will continue to be fully supported and receive Creator updates.


<$999* retail, shipping in fall 2019

Lightform LFC (Lightform Compute) provides an equivalent functionality to LF1, and can be used on any normal throw projector. LFC is a hardware bundle comprised of a separate computer, a 4K camera, and a projector mount. The bundle ships pre-loaded with the Lightform operating system and 5Ghz WiFi. Just like LF1, LFC attaches to a projector to turn it into a 3D scanning and AR playback system.

LFC provides more compute power and uses a camera & mount that is comparable to LF1, but at a cheaper price point. LFC will be less than the retail price of LF1 (<$999) and will ship in fall 2019.


≤$1299 retail, shipping date TBD*

Lightform LF2 is a sleek, all-in-one AR projector. LF2 is composed of a 1000 lumen LED projector, a camera, and an ARM processor. This solution is perfect for small scale installations. We recommend LF2 for scenes up to 5ft with bright ambient lighting, and up to 10 ft in darker ambient lighting. We are working with projector manufacturers on integrating Lightform into a range of projectors with various lenses and brightness in the future.

Creator & Creator Pro

LF1, LFC, and LF2 are all powered by the same software, Lightform Creator. Think of Lightform Creator as the operating system running on multiple versions of hardware, integrated directly into a projector or placed on top.

Later this year, we will also be launching Creator Pro, which will be compatible with all Lightform hardware. Creator Pro will include a built in library of stock videos, remote device management, the ability to import custom shaders, and additional content creation tools.


Since you placed your order, we’ve shipped the first wave of 1,500 units to seven countries, we’ve watched the Lightform community grow to create some truly amazing experiences, and we’ve shipped 10 release updates to Lightform Creator. Recently, we learned that the WiFi module inside the LF1 is no longer available for purchase from the manufacturer. As a result, to continue manufacturing LF1 we would need to change the processing architecture and re-certify the device, which would push the next shipments of LF1 beyond November 2019.

Fortunately, we’ve been hard at work on the next generation of Lightform, which we can ship sooner. Thus, we are no longer taking orders for LF1, and are focused on getting the next version of Lightform to you as soon as possible, including LFC which provides equivalent LF1 functionality.

We want to assure you that LF1 will continue to be be fully supported. LF1 customers will continue to receive Creator updates and we will continue to release significant feature updates to Creator which apply to all hardware devices. We have an aggressive 2019 roadmap for Creator, including launching Creator Pro for LF1 alongside next generation hardware.

We are excited to launch these new hardware products, and to give you more ways to make magical experiences with light. We will be announcing more details this summer, and we can’t wait to see what you will create.

~Brett Jones
CEO & Co-Founder, Lightform

*We will be offering a discount to all existing customers and reservation holders. Once LFC and LF2 launch, we will email a coupon code.