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Our Favorite Lightform Shelter-in-place Projects

Thank You Projections & Messages of Hope by Ross Simon

Quarantine has been tough on most of us. Humans are social creatures, but during this pandemic, we’ve had to follow shelter-in-place and social-distancing guidelines. Staying apart is not always easy: friends and families are missing each other, small businesses are missing their customers, and we are all missing the outside world. Social events we were looking forward to like weddings, festivals, trips for the holidays have been canceled or postponed. However, people have been finding creative ways to send out messages of hope and support. Some of our customers have used their Lightform devices to create exceptional experiences that are worth sharing. From large-scale projections to show gratitude towards essential workers, to DJ’s turning tables in their living rooms, these customers are doing their best to stay positive (and sane) during these difficult times.  Here are some of our favorites projects:   

1. Lightform Goes Retro at the Drive-In

The team at Blue Starlite Drive-in in Austin Texas wanted to share something special with their customers as they count down to reopening their business. Using the Lightform LFC Kit, they created a shelter-in-place cinematic art installation on their RV concession stand. We were impressed by this experience and we reached out to Josh Frank, the owner of the drive-in, to find out more about what they thought of Lightform. Here is what he had to say, “I love the ease of use to create lighting effect scenes at my little urban movie theater. Our Lightform is definitely going to get a lot of use. It was very easy to use given I know Photoshop. It helps to have a projector that can have a widespread close up so the camera can get the best detail. I was limited in the first outing because my projector needed to be far away to cover the whole object. Using imported video files was easy. You can really do anything you can imagine. You are only limited by your creative palette and imagination.” This is a perfect example of how a small business can keep innovating in times of uncertainty. Blue Starlite is also expanding to Round Rock. You can find out more about their live shows and grand reopening on their website

2. Quarantine Party Nights

We can tell that some customers are missing dancing and partying at the club. They have been raising the roof of their own house with Lightform. From salsa dancing to mixing in the living room, these customers are on fire. Best of all is how DJs and VJs have been streaming live on Facebook to bring the party into your home. Some of our favorites include:

DJ Lax aka Carlo Canaletich

Connor Davis-Green projected backdrop: Mixing live from his living-room

3. Art for the Neighbors with LF2 AR Projector

Vi Tran, aka Cleo Patra, is an exhibit designer with an abundance of creative energy. She has been displaying nightly shows with her LF2 AR Projector to cheer up her neighborhood. She projects mostly onto the sheer curtains of her house. Vi has published numerous projects, from a psychedelic Easter Bunny to celebrity self-portraits, and paintings by Shepard Fairey, Vasarely, Dali, and many more artists. Here are two of our favorites: 

Vi has committed to doing a show every night while sheltering in place and has been producing content ever since. As of the time of publishing this post, she’s produced 51 unique projections. We admire that kind of commitment and discipline. You can find out more about Vi’s design experience on her website Applied Curiosity

4. Happily Ever After - 3D Models of Disney Castle

Matt Maldonado is a designer, painter, and miniature model maker from California who has been adding magic to his home during the quarantine. He built a 3D model of the Disneyland Castle and used his Lightform LFC Kit to create an incredibly detailed projection show. He used clips from Disney movies and incorporated a great music score. “I wanted to create this show for the Disney fans that are not only are missing the parks but the magic as well,” Matt shares. You can see the full video on Matt’s Youtube channel

5. Thank You Projections & Messages of Hope

Ross Simon is a Scottish born bartender based in Arizona. He created an impressive large-scale experience to show gratitude and support the medical staff at the front lines. He lit up the Residence Inn hotel in downtown Phoenix. Through his projections, he also attempts to educate the public on the correct measures to follow to protect themselves from COVID-19 and encourages everyone to maintain a sense of solidarity during these trying times. Several news outlets covered the experience and highlighted the message of hope shown by this struggling business owner in times of uncertainly.

During the daytime, Ross operates two bars, one, Bitter & Twisted is an award-winning cocktail bar and he recently opened Little Rituals. Ross also produces the annual cocktail event Arizona Cocktail Weekend. He is eager to open his bar but is also concerned about the safety of his staff and customers. In the future, Ross hopes to use Lightform to light up the menu in his cocktail bars and he can’t wait to create experiences for the enjoyment of his returning customers. You can see his inspiring “thank you” projections every night in the heart of downtown Phoenix. You can learn more about Ross’s business here

Other examples of customers projecting thank you messages towards healthcare workers and hope messages for the community include:

Eric Bernal from Skyline Productions in Colorado similar project in Denver

Eric Bernal from Skyline Productions in Colorado Medical Staff Thank You Projection

Alayna Hughes in Valencia creating ‘thank you’ projections for healthcare workers during Spain’s quarantine. 

Welbr Dos Santos “Projection Mapping COVID-19” in the façade of his house with a message of hope for his neighbors.


We found these projects inspiring, both in reminding us how important it is to be thankful for the efforts of healthcare and essential workers and also the creative spirit of our customers. We love seeing the messages of hope and support shared by the Lightform community. If you have created or know of other shelter-in-place projects, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below. 


As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business and is no longer providing technical support for the product. Please refer to the Lightform Guide and FAQ for self-help resources.