Lightform Creator 1.11.13 Release

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Lightform Creator 1.11.13. This release includes several new features and major improvements to some of Lightform’s existing core features like scanning, pairing, and creating masks. A complete list of updates in this version of Creator can be found in our Release Notes.

What’s New in Lightform Creator


Stock Assets – Video Library via Storyblocks

Lightform Creator 1.11.13 includes a built-in stock video library found under Asset Browser > Stock Assets > Browse Catalog. Users can now browse through a library of 901,000+ videos and animations and download an unlimited number of them to use in Lightform projects. The stock video library has been made possible through a partnership with Storyblocks. The addition of Storyblocks video library into Lightform Creator makes it easier to enhance your projects beyond using our built-in effects and generators or manually importing videos and images.

Learn how stock videos can be browsed and downloaded to use in projects in our Adding Content guide article.

Test Card

In addition to the new Lightform Creator release, we have also released new firmware for LF2 and LFC devices. Once you’ve updated the firmware of your Lightform device(s), it will display a new test card redesigned to make it easier to get information about your device’s status. New colors corresponding to the device state will display on the test card border upon completion of this firmware update.

This enhancement will aid in the pairing process when setting up your device for the first time or connecting it to a new network. The border of the test card will always display one of these colors, making it easier to identify your Lightform device’s state at all times. The added color scheme can be seen in the graphic below. Within the Creator interface, these colors will also be updated and correspond to the same device state legend.

The grid pattern and text on the newly designed test card will better help you focus your projector. When in the scan dialog and about to initiate a new scan, the test card color scheme will invert, changing the background from black to white. This change in the test card will help you achieve better scans by identifying reflective objects in your scene.


Lightform scan algorithms now provide more accurate results thanks to recent improvements and updates. You’ll also experience faster scanning speed, greater post-processing control, and better response in darker lighting conditions.

The scan dialog has been updated with more controls in the scan settings section of Creator.

In addition to creating a Camera Mask, you can now also choose to add Smoothing and Noise Reduction to your scans. Previously, these options were enabled by default and caused certain scenes to have significant distortion or degradation when scanned. We now allow the user to apply these settings only if necessary.

Masking Tool Enhancements

Lightform Creator’s pixel based masking tools (Magic Wand, Magic Brush & Brush) create a mask at the pixel level on top of your scan image corresponding to a physical region in the scene you’re projecting on. As part of this update, we’ve enhanced these tools. The Quick Select tool has been removed as its functionality can now be accomplished with the improved Magic Wand and newly added Magic Brush tool.

  • Magic Wand has been improved to smoothly select regions of similarity and is less sensitive to noisy areas in the scan image.
  • Magic Brush expands the capabilities of Magic Wand by allowing the size of the brush tip to be adjusted, allowing you to select similarities over a larger/adjustable region rather than a single point.

Stay Updated

The updates in this release open up many new possibilities in the Lightform workflow. With better scans, more control over masking, and an infinite amount of videos to choose from, this holiday season is bound to be lit and we can’t wait to see how you will use these newly available assets in your projected decorations. To receive future Lightform enhancement news and updates we invite you to subscribe to our blog in the right panel of this post or our newsletter at the bottom of this page.


As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business. The final release of Lightform Creator removes functionality that relies on Lightform Cloud (beta), including the ability to log in to Lightform Creator, search the Stock Asset catalog for new assets, and use IFTTT. Read more about the Lightform sunset announcement here.