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Lightform LF2 Example Installations: Transforming Small Spaces with Projection Mapping

Lightform LF2 Example Installations
Lightform LF2 Example Installations

Utilizing projection mapping to creatively transform small spaces has become a lot easier with the introduction of the Lightform LF2 AR projector. Designing projections with Lightform Creator in tandem with the LF2 projectors’ built-in Lightform technology simplifies the process of projection mapping and saves time compared to traditional methods. A streamlined projection mapping process leaves more time for Lightform users to focus on their creativity and art. Inspired by our customers’ creative use of the LF2, we’ve shared some noteworthy Lightform LF2 examples that we hope inspire you.

Household Furniture & Decor

Jeff Teague, a Lightform user in New Mexico, used his LF2 AR Projector to produce an immersive light-show on a Byobu folding screen. He made use of the intricate patterns on the screen to align his projections and employ effects to trace the partitions’ borders and create eye-catching animations using the effects library in Lightform Creator.

In a similar fashion, Lightform user Vi Tran uses the LF2 to projection map sheer curtains, displaying nightly shows to cheer up her neighborhood during quarantine. Vi Tran, aka Cleo Patra, is an exhibit designer with an abundance of creative energy. She has published numerous projects, ranging from a psychedelic Easter Bunny to celebrity self-portraits, and paintings by Shepard Fairey, Vasarely, Dali, and many more artists. You can find more of her work on her website, Applied Curiosity

Wall Art & Paintings

Wall art is among many Lightform users’ favorite items to projection map with the LF2. Here is a great LF2 example by Dave Coughlan. Earlier this year, Dave’s partner gifted him with an LF2 as an early Christmas present, which he used to projection map his wall art (for the first time) in less than an hour.

Lightform user Rick Morrison used his LF2 to projection map his 3D logo (6.5”) as well as a cat painting by Sketchy Eddie of Nova and Loki (30w x 20h”). To find more of Rick’s augmented reality projections via Lightform, visit his Facebook Page, Aw Jeez – Flow Arts

Cat Painting LF2 Example

3D Sculptures

Sculptures are another popular projection mapping object among our users. Christian Onofrei’s first LF2 project was done by creating a low-poly paper lion head paired with audio reactivity, making his LF2 projection react to audio. “I am very excited about Lightform! It allows me to put my design skills into a new realm,” shares Christian. You can find more of Christian’s work on his YouTube channel, Chris tries Mixed Media, or his Instagram, @chris.mixmedia.

Artist Dan Lam’s sculpture is another creative LF2 example showcasing the transformation of still art into augmented reality. Dan brought her unique sculpture made of polyurethane foam, resin, and acrylic to life with the LF2. The combination of overlayed effects on her 3D sculpture via Lightform Creator software adds another level of visual punch.

Hobbies & Other Objects

Because Lightform is capable of scanning environments in minutes, some Lightform users experiment with their LF2 by quickly scanning objects around the house, including hobby items. Manfred H. Launer was able to scan his skateboard in under 10 minutes on his first try.

Andrea Zavareei, an experienced user of the Lightform LFC, is VP of Ops at King Integrated Solutions, Inc., a corporate AV and video-conferencing company based in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving his Lightform LF2, he immediately set it up and projection mapped his Moog Music Workstation. He took some video clips of it and matched it up with original computer music he made circa 2000. Find out more about Andrea’s work on his website

Latoya Charisse Flowers, a multimedia producer at the Carve Capture collective, used the LF2 AR projector to create her first Lightform experience called ‘Travel with Time.’ The clock served as a blank canvas to display generative spheres. She wanted to achieve mesmerizing effects in circular motions while keeping a minimalistic design. Latoya used X Particles via Cycles 4D and enhanced the color treatment in After Effects before importing her content into the Lightform Creator software to achieve her clock’s unique digital effects. Learn more about how Latoya incorporated projection mapping on her website, Latoya Charisse Flowers

DIY expert, Chip Wade from Fox and Friends, used his LF2 to demonstrate how to decorate for the holidays without the hassle of hanging lights. He added his LF2 light display to a custom, wood cutout art piece in his house, bringing his wall art to life.

Although the LF2 is popularly used for indoor projects, it can also be used for small, outdoor setups as well, including porches, balconies, and outdoor deck areas. If you plan to install an LF2 project outdoors, we recommend using an LF2 Outdoor Enclosure to keep your Lightform in a fixed position while ensuring its safety from mild outdoor elements or theft.

Do you have other LF2 examples you’d like to share or thought of an LF2 example that’s not listed in our blog? Let us know and comment below or share your creative work by tagging your post with #lightformcreations on social media.



As of August 12th, 2022, Lightform is no longer in business and is no longer providing technical support for the product. Please refer to the Lightform Guide and FAQ for self-help resources.