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Press Release

Unveiling Project LFX - Steerable projected interfaces

Website & press release live on Tuesday, May 4th at 9am Pacific Time.

Lightform is unveiling Project LFX, a research platform for steerable projected interfaces. Project LFX demonstrates a home of the future where everything can be a display, where every square millimeter is an interactive pixel. Project LFX shows a future where digital experiences are shared, seamless, and a little more magical.

Project LFX re-imagines the future of the smart home with steerable projected interfaces. With steerable projection, we can summon a computer onto any surface. This steerable interface can follow us through the room, popping up on the closest surface. We can turn our art into a sound-reactive dance club. We can give every smart home device a large display. We can bring a character from our TV out into our living room to interact with physical objects. Project LFX is the magic of an AR headset, without a pound of magic on your face.

Lightform believes that lighting and projection are merging. Advancements in LED & laser light engines enable projectors to look more like lighting fixtures, blending into our surroundings. Eventually, inside our spaces, every photon will be spatially controlled and capable of creating a display.

Today, voice interfaces like Alexa and Google Assistant are great for getting immediate answers to questions like “what’s the weather?”. If you try using them for a more complex interaction like shopping or browsing for music, they quickly lead to frustration. For voice input to be as valuable as using our laptops or smartphones, it needs an accompanying display. Some smart speakers now have screens like the Amazon Echo Show & Nest Hub, but these small screens aren’t viewable from across the room. Project LFX turns our empty surfaces into large displays, which can then disappear when not in use.

Project LFX demonstrates three different designs: a ceiling-mounted light fixture and two table-top lamps. Each device contains a projector for display, cameras for 3D scanning & people tracking, and a combination of mirrors & motors to steer around the space.

Lightform will be announcing more new products in the coming weeks. Sign up for the next announcement and learn more about Project LFX at

About Lightform

Lightform makes products to create shared, seamless, & magical experiences with projectors. By adding 3D scanning to projectors, any surface can become a display with projection mapping. To date, Lightform has sold over 11,000 units to designers creating bespoke projected augmented reality experiences for events, hospitality, retail, and use at home.

Lightform has raised $18M from Baidu Ventures, Amazon Alexa Fund, Lux Capital, Dolby Family Ventures, and more. Lightform is based in San Francisco, CA, USA.

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