Holiday Projection Mapping Ideas

Holiday Projection Mapping Ideas

Say goodbye to traditional holiday lighting. This year, we’re taking a fresh approach to the usual winter festivities and revamping holiday decorations with Lightform’s projection mapping. Whether you’re sprucing up existing holiday decor – or have no decor at all – use Lightform’s projection mapping tools as a standalone, all-in-one source of holiday entertainment or use it to transform your end-of-year holiday displays. Get the creative juices flowing this December with these creative, holiday projection mapping ideas.

Transform Your Walls

Nothing sounds sweeter than a Christmas choir harmonizing Silent Night…unless there’s a cat in a Santa hat slamming piano chords on a living room wall projection! With the addition of the new Storyblocks feature in Creator 1.11.13, you can now peruse 900k+ videos to projection map not just your Christmas tree but your blank living room wall as well. Transform your wall into the ultimate holiday canvas and project anything from Santa-hat-cats to cozy fireplaces as a winter backdrop.

Add Snow...Digitally

Enjoy a digital winter snowfall from the warmth of your room. Upload your own assets or use Lightform Creator’s built-in-library of effects to customize your holiday projection mapping setup. Use your custom projections combined with classic string lights to give your lighting decor an extra boost of holiday glow.

Projection Map A Fireplace

Light up the winter nights with a cozy fireplace projection. Lightform user Corey Callahan uses his Lightform LFC Kit to create a Christmas scene. Corey lined up the fireplace projection to strategically cover his AC and added an overlaying fire effect to bring additional movement to his flames. His projected furnace is complimented with a green, projection mapped Christmas tree (originally white) for a complete, snowed-in cabin feel.

Dining & Furniture

Holiday projection mapping doesn’t have to be limited to traditional holiday decor. Some users in the Lightform community have found ways to highlight unique dining elements. For instance, Lightform user Jérémy Carre uses his LFC to map a geometric wine rack – perfect for showcasing a wine collection for holiday dinners.

House Mapping

Another popular object for holiday projection mapping is house projection mapping (AKA house mapping). Just as popular as it is for Halloween, many people in the Lightform community like to projection map the front side of their house for the winter holidays. In order to projection map your entire house, we recommend pairing the LFC Kit with an external projector to capture a full-house scan. You can find the details of a compatible projector to use with the LFC Kit here. Smaller, outdoor scans of 6-12 feet can be done with an LF2 AR Projector in very low, ambient light to dark scenes, but we don’t recommend using the LF2 for whole-house projections. Outdoor projection setups may also need some extra preparations. Keep your LF2 unit in an outdoor enclosure to keep it safe from theft and mild weather. Here is a full-house projection that one of our Lightform team members, Anum Awan, created to inspire you.


Dioramas are also among one of our users’ favorite holiday displays to projection map during this time of the year. Lightform user Chris Sardinas uses Lightform to light up this mini holiday neighborhood in his “Christmas Village” display.

Share Your Holiday Projections

Getting festive can look a lot differently for Lightform users who are using projection mapping to create their holiday decor. From house projection mapping to dinner displays, we hope these ideas stir up your creativity for the holidays. Have you thought of a holiday projection mapping idea we didn’t include? We’d like to hear from you – or better yet – see what kinds of holiday creations you’re whipping up this winter. Comment below or tag us with #lightformcreations on social media for a chance to be featured on our social channels.



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