Immersive AR Photo Booth

Simona Bunardzhieva (simoneone) is a Graphic Artist, Illustrator, & Maker. She used Lightform to break her designs out of her sketch book and create an immersive AR photo booth à la 29 Rooms.

Designing Beyond 2D

“Normally my work lives in this 2D space, whether it’s in my sketchbook, or a screen, or a print – it was very exciting to do something that has a much more physical presence and becomes its own world.” -Simona Bunardzhieva​

Projected AR & Motion Graphics Made Easy

“I haven’t done any projection mapping before because it always felt like it was this very difficult and complicated experience…I was very surprised at how easy it was to do with the pre-made Lightform effects.” -Simona Bunardzhieva

Empowering More AR(t)ists

“Lightform is definitely opening up new paths for artists like me to experiment.” -Simona Bunardzhiev

The Process:

Simona began by sketching each element of the underwater world.

The sketches were then vectorized and printed at human scale.

The prints were glued onto cardboard and the cardboard was laser cut. Cardboard stands hold the cut-outs upright.

To create the photo booth, we rented an Epson G7500U, which was ceiling-mounted in front of the scene. We used the Epson G7500U for this installation, which is an installation grade 6500 lumen projector. However, if the scene was a bit smaller or you are constrained by budget, the Epson HC1450 – a 4200 lumen projector – would also do just fine. The projectors can be mounted to the ceiling using this mountceiling plate, and extension pole. Or they could be mounted to truss.

Once the projectors were set up, Lightform scanned the scene using Lightform. Simona worked with an animator Ray to create content using Adobe After Effects.


Epson G7500U & Viewsonic LS830

Adobe After Effects, Lightform Creator

LF1, (LFC compatible)

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