Add ambiance and decor with projected AR

Transform your events with AR ambiance and decor. 

You may notice that the bottles in this scene are white. This helps to add contrast to the black background of the bar making this the perfect scene for Lightform’s visible structured light scanning. Having a lot of depth and color contrast in a scene will allow more disparity data to be extracted during Lightform’s scanning process. Lightform Creator provides vision assisted tools that leverage both RGB information and depth information from the scan. 

The color and depth in this scene makes it easier to utilize Creator’s color-based and disparity based selection tools like magic wand and quick select. If the bottles were a darker color, the black background would have made it more difficult for Lightform to see the depth present of the bottles on the shelves. To learn more about getting a good scan, check out this article on our guide.




Lightform Creator

, (LFC Compatible)

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