Christmas Projection Mapping

Creating eye-catching Christmas decor and displays is made easier with Lightform projection mapping. We teamed up with our friends at Playable Agency to create a Dr. Seuss inspired projection mapped Christmas display. A Whoville-themed gingerbread house set atop a round kitchen table covered in fake cotton snow formed the centerpiece of our miniature holiday village, with small candy cane trees jauntily dotting the landscape. 

One large projector with an LFC illuminated both the enormous lollipops that framed the diorama on both sides, as well as a sequined pipe and drape background, giving the entire scene an immersive feel. Two smaller LF2s projecting down onto the table from each side completed our three-point lighting setup. 

With two projectors mapping our three-dimensional gingerbread house we were able to cover almost all the visible area with Creator Effects, as well as minimize shadows, giving us a riotously colorful and playful AR experience that was a delight to share with multiple people at once.


Lightform LF2, Epson G7500UNL

Lightform Creator


Christmas Decor - Lightform Project Still
Christmas Decor - Lightform Project Still

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