Hauntingly Good Halloween Decor 

Lightform Creator’s reactive effects bring objects and spaces to life and are ideal for use in Halloween-related decor and displays.  Lightform makes projection mapping on complex surfaces quick and easy, so you have more time to focus on set design. Lush physical details can elevate your scene and work in harmony with your projected elements. 

Playable Agency lent us their set design expertise and their collection of props to create a haunted bayou-themed experience with video mapping. Multiple Lightform LF2s and LFCs covered the space to create a ghastly gauntlet of delight. 

A skeletal ofrenda, a lace-windowed shack, shrouded figures, camo-netting, and wisteria filled the space with depth, and texture. Projection mapping added a digital element to the set objects to create an otherworldly dimension with a mysterious ethereal quality.



Lightform LF2, Epson 1060

Lightform Creator


Halloween Decor - Lightform Project Still
Halloween Decor - Lightform Project Still

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