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Jen Stark is an artist based in Los Angeles, California, who uses a variety of media to explore visual systems and sacred geometries. The vivid colors and intricate patterns of her work lend themselves perfectly to Lightform Creator’s instant effects.  We collaborated with her to illuminate artwork on display at her 2019 show “Dimensionality” at the Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC. 

We used Lightform to projection map Ethereal Vortex, a swirling spiral of sharp and soft-edged bands of color. Jen’s earlier stop-motion paper animations served as an inspiration for Lightform’s animator Ray Chang. He took his scan of the artwork into Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create four custom animations used in combination with native Lightform Creator effects. 

Jen and her team also painted a mural on two walls of the gallery. Ray scanned it with a second Lightform throughout different stages of completion to create the projected elements in Lightform Creator simultaneously. In her own words, “Lightform provides an amazing bridge between the digital and real world. It has enabled me to effortlessly breathe life into my paintings through light, color, and movement.”


Medium to Hard

Epson 2255U

Lightform Creator, After Effects, Illustrator


Lightform Creator – Jen Stark Vortex


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